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Diversity Supremacy

Diversity Supremacy

Tolerating differences and respecting diversity is the ideal direction of where fashion should go, but we still cannot deny the existence of “Trends”.

Fashion critiques are gossiping on recent voices on political and societal issues in high fashion. Regardless whatever the messages the designers and brands deliver, cynicism has been increased because the context in which they write their story is problematic.

Fashion is a product to be consumed. It is a product of Capitalism. It constantly has to manipulate the images of bodies and produce bags and shoes that must be wanted. In this regard, fashion is the anti-feminism itself and an incubator of its offspring.

Proponents encourage high fashion’s bold activism since they understand the pervasive influence of fashion. Once fashion stimulates anyone for a thought or action, that’s more than enough.

Intolerance, on the other hand, leads to “fixed” thinking. This fixation is a delusion which has been created by the combination of remnants of the past and modern fashion. Hierarchical and patriarchal society. Distorted images. Forced definition of beauty. Skinny and pale, but never healthy. Gender has not been an identity: It has been a tool of the patriarchy. In today's fashion, however, the distinction between genders has been broken down. No more oppression on gender identity that the society has imposed on one sector, not to the other. This liberation enables us to foretell the mesmerizing future of fashion.

Diversity. Not lawlessness.

Respecting diversity. Not interfering individual’s freedom.

The balance between increasing diversity in my selection and accepting diversity in others’ choices.

Fashion is often interpreted as a unique personality of each individual. In this sense, fashion is a symbol to express human life. Let’s tolerate, accept, and celebrate diverse symbols.

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