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Adidas jumper with long dress

I have an on-going romance with long dresses, not unlike most women. Too often these long dresses sit in our closets until the next friend’s wedding, or until the unlikely day we’re invited to the red carpet. Trapped in the box where fairy-tale princesses live, they collect dust. What if these objects of our affection could be a part of our everyday wardrobe?

People often equate long dresses with ball gowns, high heels and night life. But isn’t it time we thought differently about them? Trash your preconceived notions about long dresses. They’re no longer limited to the beach, on one end, or the ball room, on the other. They belong anywhere, anytime with the help of the right accessories to bring them from hyper-glamourous to stunningly practical.

There are many ways to keep your long dresses far from the usual ideas of princesses and movie starts. Mix-and-matched with a casual jacket — from leather to denim —, a long dress makes for an afternoon of sassy sophistication. Consider changing the skirt of your dress by adding a deep slit, or asymmetrical hemline to allow sexy legs to peek through. Surprising detail is what will keep your look fresh; it really is key with these dresses.

In the world of long dresses, shoes can be another obstacle to creating a sleek everyday look. Try, among other things, a classic tennis shoe or Converse for an ultra-low-key look. Or keep it a little flirtier with a pair of trendy platforms. On the other end of the spectrum, wear your over-the-knee boots for a sexy, surprising contrast with your elegant long dress.

In short, wear those long dresses even when there are no weddings or galas on the horizon! They’re sophisticated balanced with sexy, with just a sprinkle of sweetness and sass.

Styled the right way, a long dress can transition into everyday wear.

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