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Rainy Day in Hunter Boots

Rainy Days in Hunter Boots

I’m one of those unusual types who actually likes rainy days. While so many others plan a cozy day at home or at the mall as soon as rain shows up in the forecast, I plan to be out. That’s right! The rain seriously perks up my mood! But I get it, not everyone gets the same kind of delight from a rainy day that I do. So for all of you who fall on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to rainy days, hear this: Why not perk yourself up with peppy rainy-day style?

Today, take a few style tips from someone who genuinely enjoys a rainy day from time to time. I have two very different looks to show you, but both of them follow some general Jinny-approved guidelines for rainy days.

The first and most crucial tip I can offer is this: CHECK THE FORECAST FOR THE WHOLE DAY! Hear me on this one; it’s very important to know whether it will be raining all day, or just for a little while when planning your look. Here’s why.

When putting together your rainy day style, footwear is possibly the most crucial and most challenging fashion item you will have to think about. I paired both of my looks with Hunter knee-high boots. But I strongly warn you against wearing your Hunter boots if it’s only going to rain for a couple of hours. Big mistake! Once the rain clears and the humidity is rising, your feet will feel like you’re trekking through the rainforest in mid-summer (in rubber boots...). On the positive side though, for this very reason you can also wear your rubber boots during the cooler months, like I have done in my first look (taken in mid-April).

That little detail aside, I usually create my rainy day looks from the bottom up. If it will rain all day, I build upon the fact that I will be wearing my Hunter boots. Otherwise, I make sure to bring an appropriate change of shoes. The Hunter boots also require a pair of knee-high socks for comfort and also for style. They’re a must! To keep the long line of your legs, choose the knee-length model of Hunter boots. Unless you plan to layer the mid-calf model with knee-high socks, this shorter model will make even the skinniest legs look stumpy.

In both of my rainy day looks, I use one colourful piece to keep things light-hearted. Rainy days aren’t always morose, after all!

In my first look, I keep the outfit playful and practical with a bumblebee-yellow duffle coat. Just like police tape, this look says “Don’t touch!” It’s just so cute and innocent, yet still pleasantly stylish. Besides the yellow coat, I keep my colour palette simple, pairing it with blacks and whites. The addition of a large umbrella equipped with a cross-body strap, plays in to the practicality of the look.

In my second rainy day look, the pop of colour comes from the mint green Hunter boots which I paired with an embellished, open-back dress in cream and a classic jean jacket. When compared to my first rainy day look, this one trades innocence and

playfulness for sophistication and sexiness. As I highlighted in my post on long dresses, your “dress-up” clothes are more versatile than you think when combined with the right accessories! I tone down the sexiness of this dress with a practical denim jacket and, of course, my Hunter boots. Gathered at the hips and opening into a slit, this dress allows me to easily transfer my daytime look into an evening one. Yet on this rainy day, I mix-and-match for a casual look built upon my keystone piece – my Hunter boots!

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