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Ripped Jeans, by Day or By Night

Ripped Jeans, by Day or by Night.

Today, before we get on to fashion, I’d first like to share with you some life advice that is really dear to my heart. Here it goes… If ever you’re feeling down, try ripping your pants. Careful, I didn’t say split a seam! No no, I mean adding some perfectly placed shreds and tears to your old jeans to create your perfect pair of ripped jeans.

Before we get in to the specifics, I have to mention that not all ripped jeans are the same. While the classic, ripped-knee jeans are great, try experimenting with other styles like a cut-out style where mid-thigh to mid-calf are exposed, or a shredded look. Let your toes get caught in the holes as you pull them on, or let the washing machine throw them around to get the perfectly imperfect pair. It’s not an exact science after all.

I love ripped jeans when they’re used to create a trendy, surprising look – the kind of look that your grandmother would disapprove of! When putting together an outfit with my ripped jeans, I generally stick to this one important rule: let the legs be the focus. This means that everything else stays reasonably simple so that our perfect ripped jeans can shine. This rule of thumb also helps us to avoid the biker look with fringes, leather boots and the whole works. I especially like to balance the casualness of my jeans with a classy upper half and a solid (that is, ultra-feminine and classic) pair of shoes. This is something that even grandma might like…

Keeping with the theme of balance, I paired my cut-out ripped jeans with an ultra-feminine ivory coloured top. Since the top is backless, I kept the outfit balanced with a tailored blazer, which also kept the look sophisticated enough to transition from daytime to dinner at a fine restaurant regardless of my ripped jeans. This confident look adds the class that light wash, ripped jeans might otherwise lack on their own.

To add on to the life advice that I shared above, I urge you to think before you get started on creating your next pair of ripped jeans. Since jeans are expensive, I wouldn’t want you to ruin your favourite pair on a whim. Choose an old pair from your closet, or get a cheap pair specifically for this purpose.

Next time I follow my own advice about ripping jeans, I’ll be experimenting with tearing the back of the leg. So stay tuned!

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